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  Spiritual Bead Bracelets

Spiritual Bead Bracelets

Unique range of quality hand crafted detailed three dimensional charms in 925 Sterling Silver and Murano Glass set in Sterling Silver, combining ancient symbolism and vibrant glass colours.

The range combines Spiritual beads and Charms, Zodiac Beads, Guardian Angel Beads and vibrant Murano Glass Beads, that can be combined according to your choice to make highly individual bead bracelets.

Available in the range are 925 sterling silver bead bracelets and pleated leather bracelets set in 925 sterling silver. As a guide, a 20 cm bracelet can hold 18 - 20 beads and charms.

Threading the beads guide

- The core of each bead has a unique bump system.
- Three bumps are strategically placed along each chain.
- Ensure that the bead is lined up straight before attempting to thread your bracelet.
- Gently turn your bead over the thread.
- If the bead gets stuck, realign your bead and re thread.

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