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Tachyon Materia Incognita

Tachyon energy products have all been through a procedure so that they act as antennae for Tachyon energy. Materia Tachyon Incognita (MTI) products will retain this ability indefinitely and bring Tachyon energy continuously to you.

Tachyons have the potential to bring things to order, activate the power of healing, balance and harmonise energies, raise the frequency of the physical and energetic bodies and to cleanse and protect the aura from negative energies.

Tachyon glass products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the Tachyon glass products are available in the following colours:- red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, sapphire blue, amethyst, gold, pink, aqua, white, opal, lilac and crystal clear.

They can be placed on the body, carried in pockets, used in healings, worn as pendants or used for meditation.

Donuts, Star Rings and the large Tree of Life can all be worn as pendants. We sell Tachyon silk cords that are ideal to use with them. Pyramids and Cones are useful in rooms or for therapeutic work.

For carrying in pockets it is most practical to use shapes without sharp points such as Donuts or Star Rings.

If you have an intuitive sense of the colours and designs that you need, you should follow those feelings even if your thoughts from your conscious mind are telling you otherwise. Colours and shapes that you are first drawn to are usually the perfect ones for you.

White, opal and crystal contain all colours in the same way that white light includes the entire spectrum.

If you have no intuitive feelings then the information below can guide you in making a choice of colour.

The choice is yours...have fun! Experiment with different colours according to your different needs. Enjoy!

Click here for Tachyon Colour Associations

Click here for the meanings of the Star-Ring Tachyon Colors

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Our Price: 42.83
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Holistic Wellness with Tachyons
Holistic Wellness with Tachyons
Our Price: 12.20
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Small Tree Of Life Black
Small Tree Of Life Black
Our Price: 26.50
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