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  Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery

Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery

Beautifully crafted sterling silver crystal and gemstone jewellery will allow you to keep the healing and protective energies of the stones close to you throughout the day.

Sections In Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery
Classic Gemstone Jewellery Classic Gemstone Jewellery
Beautiful gemstone pendants, necklaces and sets
Fair Trade Jewellery Fair Trade Jewellery

Flower Jewellery Flower Jewellery
Handmade jewellery with real flowers
Gemstone Earrings Gemstone Earrings
Sparkling gemstone earrings in a variety of stones
Siberian Quartz Jewellery Siberian Quartz Jewellery
Rhodium plated sterling silver and sparkly siberian quartz
Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery...With a Difference Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery...With a Difference
Dare to be bold!
Limited Edition Gemstone Jewellery Limited Edition Gemstone Jewellery
One only, unique handmade gemstone necklaces, pendants, rings in a variety of stones
Gemstone Rings Gemstone Rings
Extensive selection of designer gemstone rings
Shell Jewellery Shell Jewellery
Natural beauty of shell captured in unique designs.
Jade Jewellery Jade Jewellery
Royal stone set in beautiful silver and gold designs
Moldavite Jewellery Moldavite Jewellery
Unique pieces set in silver or gold
Coral Jewellery Coral Jewellery
Fiery colours from the depth of faraway seas
Labradorite Jewellery Labradorite Jewellery
Fascinating stones in spectral colours
Amber Jewellery Amber Jewellery
Fiery amber...with a modern twist
Hematite Jewellery Hematite Jewellery
Mettalic lustre of hematite enhanced by original designs
Turquoise Jewellery Turquoise Jewellery
Beautifully crafted turquoise and gemstones in unique combinations
Agate Jewellery Agate Jewellery
Spectacular display of patterns and colours set in sterling silver
Amazonite Jewellery Amazonite Jewellery
Unusually beautiful turquoise mineral with balancing energies attributes
Crystal Point Pendants Crystal Point Pendants
Gem quality crystal point pendants in quartz, amethyst, carnelian
Roll Gold Filled Jewellery Roll Gold Filled Jewellery
Beautiful, affordable gold filled gemstone jewellery
Gemstone Beads Jewellery Gemstone Beads Jewellery
Wide selection of handmade gemstone beads necklaces and bracelets
Crystal Heart Necklaces Crystal Heart Necklaces
Sterling silver crystal hearts on a chain
Simply Stunning Sterling Silver Jewellery Simply Stunning Sterling Silver Jewellery
Exceptional jewellery pushing back the boundaries of style.

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