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"Success Magick Spell Kit"

Success Magick Spell Kit

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Success Magick Spell Kit - This is an authentic and very powerful Success Spell and with this Spell Kit, you have made a major step towards achieving Success.

For the Spell to work, all you need is to have an open mind and to follow the instructions precisely and wholeheartedly. A Word to the Wise: One percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration has been described as the recipe for Success.

While it may be tempting to use Magick to manifest a dream job or millionaire lifestyle, you will need to be prepared: ‘Too much too soon’ can turn longed-for goals into stressful burdens. It is prudent to be realistic when deciding what level of Success is truly both manageable and desirable.

Contents of the Magick Spell Kit for Success:

Ritual Instruction Booklet.
Success Herbs.
Sodalite Pebble.
Gris-Gris Bag.
Indigo Candel & Candle Holder
Incense Cone.
Salt from the Dead Sea.
Consecrated Water Vessel, Salt Vessel & Incense Vessel.

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