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"Pink Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace"

Pink Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace

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The Pink Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace is beautifully crafted in rhodium plated sterling silver, featuring a Hamsa Hand embellished with pink and clear Swarovski Crystals.

The necklace is a playful design and can be worn everyday or in the evening.

In some forms the evil eye manifests itself when a stranger can curse a victim with a malevolent gaze of their magical eye knowingly or unknowingly. The most common trigger of an evil eye look is envy and the effects differ on victims. By wearing an evil eye talisman it is believed to ward off all evil eyes from one and to create a protective shield. Evil eye jewellery is also worn to protect oneself from negative energies, such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other such evil energies that can affect one's health and fortune.

The Red Sea Bamboo bead was regarded as the Seventh Treasure in Buddhist Scriptures, and as a strong talisman against evil spirits.
It is often given to children, as a charm against accidents; it is believed to bring good fortune to the home and to protect those who work on or near water.

The Pink Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace is presented in an attractive gift box.

Dimensions: 42 cms long necklace
Materials: Sterling Silver / Swarovski Crystals
Weight: 3.2 grams

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