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"Mini 2 Pack South African Mpepo Smudge sticks"

Mini  2 Pack South African Mpepo Smudge sticks

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The Mini 2 pack South African Smudge Sticks are made by African women using indigenous plants, principally the Mpepo plant which is widely used by the Zulu people of Africa for ritual and ceremonies.

The Burning of herbs or incense 'smudging', is a sacred practice held in accordance with many Native American Indian traditions. The smudge stick should always be used in a sacred way with respect and thankfulness.

Every single aspect of the smudging ritual forms part of the ceremony, from crumbling herbs in a bowl to extinguishing your stick in sand or soil. Each stage can be an occasion for a silent or group prayer, asking the universe for blessings.

When a lighting a smudge stick you can say words such as:
"Burn bright and true that the wishes may rise and blessings fall".

The technicalities of smudging become totally automatic after you have smudged a few times. When you have finished smudging, gently extinguish the stick, giving thanks to the Earth and to the herbs.

In many occassions of smudging you can use your hands to direct the incense or use a Native American Fan to help spread the smoke from the bowl of herbs around a person, object or place.

Dimensions: 7cms length 2cms wide. (approx measurements and weight as smudge stick is natural and handmade)
Weight: 9 grams

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