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"Authentic Native American War Bonnet"

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Authentic Native American War Bonnet

Authentic Native American War Bonnet

Authentic Native American War Bonnet
Authentic Native American War Bonnet

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The authentic Native American War Bonnet's are handmade and decorated with dyed natural bird feathers and native american style beading.

The War bonnet is an ornament.

The War Bonnet is probably the most universal of all Indian regalia. Each eagle feather represents an act of bravery. Each act gave the warrior the right to wear an eagle feather. Only after attaining many feathers could a warrior assemble a war bonnet.

There are four types of headdress worn by warriors of the Plains - the horned headdress, the golden eagle feather headdress, the hat or cap, and the animal skin.

The bonnet had to be earned through brave deeds in battle because the feathers signified the deeds themselves. Some warriors might obtain only two or three honor feathers in their whole lifetime, so they were difficult to earn. The bonnet was also a mark of highest respect because it could never be worn without the consent of the leaders of the tribe. For example, A high honor was received by the warrior who was the first to touch an enemy fallen in battle, for this meant the warrior was at the very front of fighting. Feathers were notched and decorated to designate an event and told individual stories such as killing, scalping, capturing an enemy's weapon and shield, and whether the deed had been done on horseback or foot.

A chief's war bonnet is comprised of feathers received for good deeds to his community and is worn in high honor. Each feather would represent a good deed.

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Dimensions: 14cms length, 5.5cms wide
Materials: Dyed Bird Feathers, beads


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