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"Ankh Chakra Pendant"

Ankh Chakra Pendant

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This beautiful sterling silver Ankh Chakra Pendant brings together the symbolism associated with the spiritual energy centres, which control the distribution of life energy in the body and that of the Ankh which originates in the ancient Egypt. It is the symbol for life, the loop being feminine and the T being masculine. Symbolising the union of the male and female principles, the Ankh can be viewed as the key of life. It is also a symbol of initiation.

Each chakra is responsible for distributing energy to different parts of the body. As crystals resonate to a different energy frequency, so do chakras, each one of them having a corresponding crystal.

The Ankh chakra pendant has a beautiful faceted crystal for each of the seven chakras.

Garnet - Red for the Base Chakra
Carnelian - Orange for the Sacral Chakra
Citrine - Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra
Peridot - Green for the Heart Chakra
Blue Topaz - Blue for the Throat Chakra
Iolite - Indigo for the Third Eye Chakra
Amethyst - Violet for the Crown Chakra

The sterling silver Ankh Chakra Pendant is presented in a silver gift box, which makes a beautiful gift.

Dimensions 4.3 cm long, 2.8 cm wide
Materials: semiprecious gemstones, 925 sterling silver
Weight: 10 grams

We would like to recommend the following sterling silver chains which we found suitable both from a strength point of view, as well as from an aesthetic point of view:

Gift Wrap: 

Jewellery Boxes

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