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"Silver Oracle Dowsing Pendulum"

Silver Oracle Dowsing Pendulum

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This medium weight Silver Oracle Dowsing Pendulum is made of a brass coil and it is silver plated. Silver is associated with the Moon, which influences all our day to day living.

The art of pendulum dowsing opens the gates of a new world by unlocking the answers to all those questions that puzzled us over and over again, either about love, career, lost or missing persons and objects, change, etc.

To enable you to answer these questions, you have to choose the right pendulum for you. To do so, allow a pendulum to choose you. If you like the way it looks or feels, it is meant for you.

The Silver Oracle Dowsing Pendulum is made of a 19cm (6 inches) silver plated chain which finishes with a silver sphere. The pendulum itself is 4cm long and has a 2cm diameter at its widest point.

The Silver Oracle Dowsing Pendulum is presented in a navy velvet pouch secured with Velcro at the top.

Good luck in your discovery journey!

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