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"Nataraja / Dancing Shiva Statue"

Nataraja / Dancing Shiva Statue

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This beautiful statue is a representation of Nataraja, also known as the Dancing Shiva. One of the most known symbolic figures, Shiva's dance is perceived as the belief that life is a balancing act of good and bad, and that it combines creation, preservation, and destruction.

In his upper right hand, he holds a small drum, and the lower right hand is making the gesture of fear-negating. His upper left hand makes the gesture of half-moon and it holds a flame which symbolises the fire that ultimately destroys the world, whereas the lower left hand points towards the lifted foot which symbolises favour or grace for the devotee. The belief of balancing act of creation and destruction is found in the equilibrium of the upper left hand holding the flame and the upper right hand holding the drum.

Shiva's right foot rests on a human figure representing the expression of human cruelty and ignorance. Emanating from Shiva is the circle of flames representing the power of wisdom and truth, as well as the mantra OM.

Lovely brass statue, nice detailed features in a large size.

Dimensions: 20cm tall, 18 wide, 1kg.

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