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"Witch Doll - Rowena Purple"

Witch Doll - Rowena Purple

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It seems that the Witches of Pendle coven is in need of supplies, and Rowena - the flying witch doll- was sent to fetch some (that's her speciality - shopping!). Whatever she brings in the three pouches must be of a mysterious nature! As the first pouch is made of heavy linen fabric, we can safely assume that it contains herbs, whereas the other two are made of shiny taffeta and decorated with purple and grey feathers and they look more like presents. What the presents are, would be for Rowena's owner to discover!

Regardless what the errand is for, the witch Rowena is all dressed up for it. Her dress is marvellous in detail: the top is made of purple hemp, the bottom skirt is made in purple gauze decorated with a purple satin type border, and the underskirt in shinning crinkled taffeta (same as the sleeves) with grey lace border. As the high winds make her dress to flutter, she is showing off her frilly white cotton underpants and also a bit of leg, all dressed in burgundy velvet tights! New porcelain shoes and pointy hat with a final touch of turquoise, purple and light brown feathers complete the outfit. To keep warm, she is wearing a purple granny type knitted shawl.

Like any respectable witch, Rowena spent some time on make up, to enhance those so traditional "˜witchy' features so highly detailed in porcelain - everything is there: pointy nose, purple lips, bicycle glasses and even a pair of beaded earrings.

And let's not forget the authentic broomstick!

All in all, a beautiful porcelain creation, from out Witches of Pendle range, of high detail recommended for the collector and enthusiast alike. Collectables are not just for Halloween, but for every season in between!

Rowena, the flying witch doll, measures 35cm long and can be hang of a transparent thread which is attached to the hat. The witch has a complimentary copy of the Trial and History of the Witches of Pendle attached.

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