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"Angel Aura Quartz Cluster"

Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

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Aura Quartz is created by infusing natural quartz with pure gold. It displays an amazing ray of colours in gold, pink, blue and green, and it is said to bring permanence to relationships, stimulating self-approval and facilitating non-judgmental attitudes toward another. It has the same properties of Quartz clusters, combined with the properties of Gold.

Quartz Clusters have the ability to transmit positive energy while absorbing negative vibes, therefore they are useful in a situation when one doubts its own abilities and there is a need for boosting up confidence.

Placing the Quartz Cluster in your Educational and knowledge area located at the northeast of your desk, will enable the crystal to support the earth energies existing in this space.

As the Quartz Cluster tunes in to the person using the stone, spend some time attuning to the crystal's vibrations before placing it on the desk.

Quartz Clusters are also used to clean a room or other crystals by drawing out the negative energies accumulated. Crystals needing cleaning should be placed on the quartz cluster and left overnight.

Gold, also known as the 'master healer', purifies the body and clears all negativity. It is believed that it attracts happiness and amplifies positive feelings.

This very unusual Angel Aura Cluster has a large size point and a cluster of medium size points.

Aura Aqua Cluster dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm

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